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He once had a future as the crown prince. Now, Khanh is a feared mercenary.

With every moonrise, he shapeshifts into one of twelve zodiac animals. The warrior relentlessly seeks for answers to salvage his spellbound life. The last person he expects a job from is his little sister.

As the new heir, Vinh is warned that to protect her country, she must ignore her heart. Khanh is not the whimsical brother she remembers, and Vinh fears she isn’t the only one trying to bribe him.

Mythical creatures awaken and fierce tribesmen invade. The enemy discovers a way to break Khanh’s agonizing curse. And suddenly, they have leverage over him.

The torn princess is forced onto a path she once thought she could never take. Will Vinh sacrifice her brother to save her kingdom?

Recommended for ages 13+

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A Fantasy Screenplay

Castle of the Aerelim is a fantasy adventure screenplay inspired by the analogy in St. Teresa of Avila’s book: The Interior Castle. It also includes a 1-2-3 Catholic summary on the 7 Mansions of the Interior Castle.

Before he dies, Rosera’s father gives her the king’s powerful circlet. She journeys to the king’s last stronghold, a mystical castle with seven mansions. But Rosera inadvertently opens the way for an ominous knight, Livarro, to attack with his massive army.

To restore her father’s honor, she must trust a vagabond wizard named Joshua and his quirky fireball Lumen. They find a way to defend the castle with the help of Sir Michael, dashing Jeffery, and sweet but complacent Isabel.

Yet the manipulative enemy sows doubts and reveals secrets. The feared dragon awakens. Livarro promises Rosera power if she joins him. Rosera learns the truth about Joshua’s parents, and the truth about her own. She learns just who the real enemy is.

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1-2-3 Catholic

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Do-Re-Mi Catholic: O Holy Family

Lyrics and Music Composed by Vy Nguyen. Performed by Kim Nguyen (cantor) and Vy Nguyen (pianist). Contact us at to purchase music sheets for this song.

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